Denver priest ‘pulls out the big guns’ on Planned Parenthood: says Mass on the street outside clinic

DENVER, CO, April 23, 2012 ( – Prayerbooks, rosaries, and pro-life pamphlets are a common sight outside Planned Parenthood’s massive facility in downtown Denver, but this year, local organizers of this spring’s Forty Days for Life campaign decided that one last piece was missing to bring the light of Christ to the country’s second largest abortion facility: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The idea to celebrate the Catholic Mass in front of Planned Parenthood came from Fr. Joseph Hearty, Assistant Pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in nearby Littleton, who felt that it was time to “pull out the big guns.” It was, he told LifeSiteNews, an inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

“If we can pray the rosary, why not offer the Mass, why not use the Mass and the Eucharist as a means of fighting this tragedy,” he said. “Why not use the most powerful means that we have?” As it turned out, the idea energized the local pro-life community far beyond what organizers had expected. Continue reading here.

Photos from April Vigil with Fr. Reid

About 35 people attended our second ever Charlotte Helpers Prayer Vigil for Life at St. Ann’s in Charlotte on April 20. Fr. Reid did a wonderful Mass followed by a visit to the abortion mill on Hebron St. in Charlotte. We said two decades of the rosary and sang some songs between the decades. After the rosary we went back to the Benediction. (The Eucharist was exposed in a monstrance for those who wished to stay and pray at the church while we were at the abortion mill.) Below are some photos. Next month we’ll be going to Latrobe, we hope you can join us!