Sidewalk Materials

Prayer Material

Prayer For Spiritual Supporters Of God’s Precious Infants

Pro-Life Stations-of-the-Cross

Meditations for Pro-life stations of the cross (short version)

Vigil Prayers Catholic

Monsignor Reilly’s Helpers Prayer Book

Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Charlotte Procession Prayer Brochure 

Pro-Life Handouts


Abortion Reversal Brochures

Abortion Reversal Information

Abortion Reversal Pill Flyer 

Abortion Pill Reversal Dr. Harrison Presentation Video

Before You Decide

Be Not Afraid-Prenatal Diagnosis

Did You Know?

Fetal Models

Help Resources-English

Help Resources-Spanish 

Rachel’s Vineyard

NC Safe Surrender Law

Bible Teachings on Abortion

Rosary Pamphlet (English)

Perinatal Hospice Informed ConsentSPANISH Sidewalk Advocates Perinatal Hospice Trifold Brochure Draft – V2 – Copy

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Materials

  1. We are going to go pray for the 40 Days For Life in Charlotte. I friend told me to get The Booklet from Charlotte helpers web site. I found the other things she told me to get like the Did You Know, but I cannot find what she said about The Booklet? Can you help?


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