Photos from May Vigil with Fr. Buettner


Thanks to all who came out to our Charlotte Helpers prayer vigil for May! We know it was a busy weekend for most, with proms, graduations, and First Holy Communions all happening around town on the same weekend.

We joined Fr. Buettner as he said Mass at the Missionaries of Charity chapel. We then went to pray a few miles away at the Latrobe abortion clinic with Fr. Buettner leading us in prayer.

As we knelt down on the concrete for the 5th Sorrowful Rosary Mystery (the Crucifixion) we had a security guard come over and quietly watch us as we did that. When we sang to Our Lady, a boisterous pro-abortion activist filed through our ranks with her video camera in our faces (not sure what the point of that is?).  Afterwards Father prayed exorcism prayers in front of the clinic as the rest continued in prayer.

It was one of those special days where we see the evidence that our presence and prayers DO make an impact.  No one seemed to want to leave right away, so in honor of Our Lady and the Month of Mary we stayed to pray another rosary.

We look forward to seeing you all again next month at our June vigil with Fr. Reid!