Photos from October Procession for Life with Fr. Paul McNulty

October 25 Procession with Fr. McNulty

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Procession for Life on October 25th at St. Mark Catholic Church followed by prayer with Father Paul McNulty at A Preferred Women’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive.

Over 30 people from various parishes participated in the event—joining parishioners from St. Michael’s, St. Ann’s with Fr. Reid, and St. Patrick’s with Deacon McNulty who were leading their own vigils in front of the abortion mill earlier that morning.

Father Jason Christian of St. Thomas Aquinas and Father Noah Carter of Sacred Heart in Salisbury also joined our Procession for Life.  

There were A LOT of rosary-praying Catholics interceding for the unborn, their parents, and the medical workers who were inside the mill that morning. It was such a grace to have so many from a variety of parishes—especially 4 priests and 1 deacon—praying on the sidewalk at the same time.  

Let’s do it again! 

Our next event will be in January at Charlotte Catholic High School followed by prayer at Family Reproductive Health on Hebron Rd. with Father Kauth.

Date to be announced soon!

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