Msgr. Philip J. Reilly, a native of Brooklyn, NY.,  has devoted most of his 50-year-long priestly ministry to the Pro-Life cause.

Starting as early as the late 60’s, he was involved in
lobbying efforts in New York State to prevent the legalization of abortion.  He fought the legalization of abortion in New York before the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, helped to organize the first national March for Life in Washington in 1974, and also served as a witness to uphold the Hyde Amendment banning federal funding of abortion in most circumstances.

For a number of years starting in 1975, Msgr. conducted monthly all-night prayer vigils for life.  In 1978, he took part in the original Hundred Mile Walk for Life through the desert in Death Valley.   From May 1988 to September 1989 he participated in the National Rescue Movement twenty times, in four different states, being arrested more than once.

In 1989, Monsignor Reilly founded the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, Inc., to focus on prayer efforts and sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics around the world.  The Helpers’ approach is now being used in at least 40 States, 40 countries, and more than 100 Bishops and 5 Cardinals have participated. By the grace of God, the Helpers’ apostolate has now spread not only throughout the United States and parts of Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, and even as far away as Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa.

For over twenty-five years, five days a week, Msgr. Reilly and the “Helpers” have counseled and prayed on the streets outside abortion mills.  As a result of their efforts, 25 abortion mills have closed in the Diocese of Brooklyn alone, and thousands of women have left the abortion mills choosing life.

For his many years of pro life work Msgr. Reilly has received many Local, National and International Awards, such as the Brooklyn Diocesan Pro Vita Award from Bishop Thomas Daily; Terence Cardinal Cooke Award at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, from Cardinal McCarrick; the USA National Conference of Catholic Bishops People of Life Award from the Conference chairman Cardinal DiNardo in Houston Texas; the Jochabed International Fellowship Award from the United Kingdom Life League; and the HLI International Cardinal Von Galen Award from Cardinal Burke in Rome Italy and y in Yonkers New York, the Advocate of Life Award with Cardinal Timothy Dolan presiding and in Naples, Florida, Mr. Tom Monaghan, the Founder and Chairman of Legatus International presented Msgr. Reilly with the Cardinal John J. O’Connor ProLife Legatus Award with the Most Reverend Jose H. Gomez the Archbishop of Los Angeles .

Msgr. Reilly holds degrees in Philosophy and Theology, a Masters in the Classics, and an Honorary Doctor of Science.  He has served the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, as Parish Priest, Seminary Professor, Academic Dean and Rector, and currently serves as Spiritual Chaplain to the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood at Precious Blood Monastery, which is located in Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

He continues to serve as executive director of the Helpers and travels internationally to train others how to counsel, and hold peaceful, loving prayer vigils and to offer constructive assistance to those in crisis both before and after abortion.


 The Helpers Mission

The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants are a group of people committed to maintaining a loving and prayerful presence and witness outside the abortion sites where God’s children are put to death.

  • We unite ourselves with these victims, in solidarity with their pain, as they are put to death at this modern day Calvary.
  • We pray to obtain God’s mercy for the abortionist and his staff who do the killing.
  • We witness to those who pass by, praying that they will take notice of what is going on and be moved to take action against the killing in their neighborhood.
  • We plead for the lives of the babies and the life of the pregnant women who have schedule appointments with the abortionist that day.
  • We recognize the unborn as our brothers and sisters, welcoming them into the human family.
  • We embrace them, spiritually. We stand with them when they die.

How the Helpers work

  • Prayer – Volunteers come to the abortion site for an hour or more praying in a spirit of reparation, for their own sins, the sin of abortion, for the abortionist and his staff, for the neighboring community, for the legislators, for the religious leaders of the nation, and for all who do nothing to stop abortion. Prayer provides essential spiritual and moral support for the Sidewalk Counselors as well as the grace of God that is needed to reverse the mother’s ‘spiritual abortion,’ so she can accept her child.
  • Sidewalk Counseling – The Sidewalk Counselors approach the woman going to have the abortion and ask her to reconsider her decision. Most women have not been given factual information about abortion and will be told of all the help available, financial, medical and spiritual.
  • Spiritual Supporters – are present with the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants in spirit. They contribute prayers and sacrifices made during the week, and offer it up for the work of the Helpers. There are also religious communities, called to a life of contemplation and prayer, providing powerful spiritual backup for the work of the Helpers.

What the Helpers will accomplish

  • Our purpose is to be faithful and pleasing to God and hope with God’s help, to save the lives of God’s precious infants through the spiritual conversion of their mothers.
  • We also hope for ourselves to become closer to God through experiencing the mystery of His Cross, knowing Christ’s personal love for each one of us, and the joy of responding to His call.
  • We will learn to pray, offer penances, and abandon the results up to God. We will see that it is God’s power and love which will overcome the evil of abortion and soften the hearts of those who participate.

How to become a Helper of God’s Precious Infants

If you feel you are called to stand under the Cross of Christ in this special act of love for God’s Precious Infants, please contact us. We will put you in touch with our local team ministering at the Charlotte abortion clinics. If you want to be a Sidewalk Counselor we will provide training for you.


Los Ayudantes de los Niños Valiosos de Dios

Los Ayudantes de los Niños Valiosos de Dios son personas comprometidas a mantener una presencia amorosa y orante y dar testimonio afuera de las clínicas de aborto en donde se matan a los hijos de Dios.

  • Nos unimos a estas víctimas, en solidaridad con su dolor mientras estos niños son asesinados en este Calvario de hoy en día.
  • Oramos para obtener la misericordia de Dios para los abortistas y sus empleados quienes llevan acabo la matanza.
  • Damos testimonio a los que nos pasan, rezando para que se percaten de lo que está pasando y se vean motivados a tomar medidas en contra del los asesinatos que están sucediendo en su vecindario.
  • Oramos por las vidas de los bebés y las mujeres embarazadas que tienen citas con el abortista ese día.
  • Reconocemos a los bebés no nacidos como nuestros hermanos y hermanas, acogiéndolos en la familia humana, abrazándolos espiritualmente y acompañándolos en el momento de su muerte.

¿Cómo trabajan los Ayudantes?

  • Oración – Los voluntarios vienen a la clínica de aborto y oran durante una hora o más en espíritu de reparación por sus propios pecados, el pecado del aborto, por el abortista y sus empleados, por la comunidad vecina, por los legisladores, por los líderes religiosos de la nación, y por todos los que no hacen nada para detener el aborto. La oración provee para los ministros de asesoría personal (sidewalk counselors) el apoyo espiritual y moral esencial, y proporciona la gracia de Dios que se necesita para revertir el ‘aborto espiritual’ de la madre de modo que pueda aceptar a su hijo.
  • Asesoría Personal (sidewalk counseling) – los ministros de asesoría personal se acercan a la mujer que va a tener el aborto y le pide que reconsidere su decisión. La mayoría de las mujeres no han recibido información veraz sobre el aborto y se les dirá acerca de toda la ayuda financiera, médica y espiritual que hay para mujeres en su situación.
  • Apoyo Espiritual – Aquellos que nos apoyan espiritualmente están presentes con los Ayudantes de los Niños Valiosos de Dios. Ellos ofrecen oraciones y sacrificios a Dios durante la semana por el

2 thoughts on “Mission

  1. The training by Msgr. Reilly was inspiring and spiritually fruitful, as well as nicely organized. This website is absolutely excellent in its design: the information and the visual layout. Clearly some people have put a lot of work into this! I am really excited about the Helpers Charlotte chapter and look forward to my involvement.


    • Thank you Katherine! For your encouragement and support. There is much more to be added to this site after this weekend, we hope to get it up in the next week.


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