• Msgr. Reilly’s original Helpers of God’s Precious Infants in Brooklyn, NY, has a helpful information library complete with videos, audio, PDF articles, and photos. You can view all that information  here:
  • Msgr. Reilly has two books written about him, Pro-Life Champion and
    Give God Permission both are available at and Barnes and Nobles.  Books that you will never forget! Makes a great gift for all!


  • Msgr. Reilly’s New Initiative–We Want to Be Taught!

EWTN–Fr. Apostoli welcomes Msgr. Phillip J. Reilly, along with Craig and Wenqi Glantz to talk about the state of Catholic catechism as well as a new initiative to push for further catechesis at Mass during homilies.

Why Change Now?
—To better catechize and feed the faithful at Mass
— To attract non-practicing Catholics back to Mass
— For Catholics to be able to defend against the Culture of Death
— To better evangelize the world
— To light a fire and create a thirst among Catholics that will inflame a holy passion
— A tool for priests to allow homily preparation easy & more effective

Go to and Please sign the petition: 

  • Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) papal encyclical by Blessed Pope John Paul II on the value & inviolability of all human life: The Gospel of Life

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