Photos from November Vigil with Fr. Riehl

Thank you to everyone who attended our November vigil at St. Thomas Aquinas parish followed by prayer at the Latrobe Dr. abortion clinic with Fr. Riehl.

Our December prayer vigil is next Saturday, December 7th with Fr. Mark at St. Vincent de Paul parish. Afterwards we will pray at Hebron.  It will be great to have a vigil at the Hebron Rd. abortion clinic again, since we haven’t been there for several months. We hope you can join us!

Please share this opportunity with family and friends—Eucharistic-centered prayer for souls on the front lines of the greatest evil we face in our nation—and don’t forget that if anyone doesn’t prefer to pray on the abortion clinic sidewalk, there will be Adoration at the parish concurrently for the same intention: the mothers, fathers, and their children whose life they seek to end, as well as the abortion doctor, his nurses and staff. God bless you for your support!

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