Photos from April 25, 2015 Procession for Life.

Mass was held at St. Thomas Aquinas, led by Fr. Christian. PicMonkey Collage april 25, 2015 vigilThank you Helpers for braving the bad weather to attend this Procession for Life. Thank you Fr. Christian for leading His flock to prayer.

“At to the abortion mill, the Helpers pray for the babies that are going to be killed. They carry on a most important spiritual battle, as they stand outside the mill. they pray in a spirit of  reparation: for their own sins; the sin of abortion; and particularly for the deaths that will occur while they stand outside on that day. They pray for women going into the abortion mill: for the abortionist and his staff; for the neighboring community; for their legislators; for the religious leaders of the nation; and for all who, through indifference, do nothing to try to stop abortion”.—Msgr. Philip Reilly

Stay tuned to our next and upcoming Procession for Life!

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